Randall Render
Randall Wayne
is the main character and protagonist of the game Deadlight.


Born in May, 1952, Randall lived in Hope, British Columbia as a Park Warden with his wife Shannon and their daughter Lydia. As a boy, his father left his mother for which Randall blames him for his unsocial personality, vowing never to do what his father did and abandon those he loves. Despite his loner demeanour, he kept a close friendship with Ben Parker.

When the epidemic reached Canada, Randall and Ben ignored military evacuations and formed a posse to defend Hope. When the shadows overran the barricades, Randall rushes to the aid of his wife and child. Faced with his begging family and only two shells left from the defence against the shadows, Randall kills Shannon and Lydia before escaping in denial. Fleeing the shadows, Randall and Ben headed to Vancouver where they met fellow survivors, Sam, Stella, Karla and a university professor. Together the group makes their way to Seattle after receiving word of a safe point located in the city, while losing the university professor to the shadows in the process.

Three days after arriving in Seattle, Karla is bitten and killed by the shadows, Randall shoots her corpse in the head to prevent her from returning, much to the dismay of Stella. As the gunshot draws the attention of the nearby shadows, Randall is separated from the group and forced to escape through an alleyway.