The Equipemt On Deadligth Is Used Tho "Progress" On the History 

[]The Fireaxe[] Is Used Tho Mele Combat Shadows(Not Recomended,It's Better Get the estamina Upgrades first)Or Unlock the Locks(Nah,really?)

[]The Revolver[] Is The First Fire Arm On Deadligth,The Trick Is Easy "Aim Tho The Head Randy"-Ben(Save Bullets,Is Hard tho find a Spawn Of Ammunition,In Last chapter There's A Corsep whit Unlimited Ammunition(Shadows Will Spawn every Time You Grab Ammo)

[]Slingshot[]Not a Gun but You Can Use It.(Can Distract Shadows,Don't EVEN Try Hurt a Shadow Use this. Or You Will Die(Lots Of time)

[]The Shotgun[]Last Gun Can Kill A Group Of Enemies(Shadows,Can't Kill a Group of soldiers{Last chapter})Ammunition For This One Is Much Strange Tho Find

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